5 Healthy Grilling Tips

Tip 1: Reduce Bacteria in Burgers

To kill the common E.coli bacteria the USDA recommends cooking ground beef to 160 degrees. If you want to go for medium-rare you should grind your own beef then cook it immediately. When using store-bought meat flip burgers frequently: A study in the,well-regarded, Journal of Food Protection advised flipping every 30 seconds for optimal E.coli reduction. Another study found that even when two patties both reached 160 degrees, the one flipped more often had one-fifth the E.coli bacteria. The constant movement to the source of heat appears to help.

Tip 2: Go Beyond the Meat

Go beyond meat and try grilling some unexpected foods like mango and asparagus (Delicious!), squash and zucchini or even eggs and whole grain pancakes using a grill mat. Throw fruits and veggies on the grill for a tasty nutrient-rich side or dessert. You could even give pizza a try for a quick dinner.

Tip 3: Keep Char to a Minimum

A bit of char on grilled foods is unavoidable. However, even though it taste great, overly charred meat contains more cancer-causing compounds. Avoid getting the coals super intensely hot and then throw fatty meat directly on the grill. The blackened parts of meat contain carcinogens so remove all charred or burned portions of food before eating.

Tip 4: Marinate Your Meat

Marinating meat helps to reduce carcinogens. Kansas State University researchers marinated steaks in three different mixtures of oil, vinegar, herbs and spices. After grilling the carcinogens in the marinated steaks were cut by 57 to 88 percent. Dozens of studies confirm that marinating reduces carcinogens in meat. The reason it works is not so clear: The marinade may create a protective barrier between the meat’s proteins and the heat of the grill… or the antioxidants in the marinade may combat the carcinogens head-on. Be careful to watch out for flame flare-up when marinade drips on the hot coals. To prevent flare-up use a grill mat.

Tip 5: Keep Your Grill Grates Clean

Keep your grill grates clean by scrubbing with a brush before and after using your grill. Scrubbing reduces the buildup of carcinogens left on the grill grates to a minimum and makes your food taste so much better. Keep in mind that when using a grill brush the individual metal scrubbing pieces can break off the brush and stick to the grill grates. These tiny pieces of metal can get lodged in your food. Keep an eye out for any metal pieces that may have fallen off of the brush. This can create some dangerous digestion.

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Grill Master Andy Hall’s Surf & Turf

Grill Master Andy Hall shows us his photo of his Surf & Turf.  It’s hard to grill shrimp because it will easily fall through the cracks or you have to put them on a skewer.

Using your BBQ Shield Grill Mats keep it simple and stops this little swimmers from falling through the cracks.

We appreciate Andy sending us this photo!

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Grilling Safety Tips For This July 4th

Many of us are grilling this Independence Day Holiday Weekend. Please be safe! Here are a few safety tips, from the good folks at AmazingRibs.com, for you to keep in mind as you enjoy your holiday.

Grill, Smoker and Oven Safety

  1. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Water will only spread grease fires. The best extinguisher is rated ABC.
  2. Never cook with grills or smokers indoors or in garages. They produce invisible carbon monoxide and smoke that can kill you.
  3. Don’t keep your grill next to a furnace air inlet or even a window. The house is often under a negative pressure, and can suck in these killing gases.
  4. Don’t keep your grill close to your house or deck railings. Beware of overhanging roof lines or trees.
  5. Never use gas, paint thinner, solvents, or kerosene to start your charcoal. Chimneys or electric coil starters are the best way to start coals, but if you use charcoal starter fluid, once the coals are smoldering never squirt them with more fluid. The flame can climb up the stream and set you on fire.
  6. Don’t cook near gasoline or other flammables. Keep propane tanks at least two feet from the burners unless there is shielding.
  7. On gas grills, always lift the lid when you ignite the burners. If you have one burner lit and want to add others, it is safe, just open the lid. A gas buildup under the hood could blow it open and flash in your face.
  8. On kamados and eggs, the lid seal is very tight so when you open it, air rushes in and it can flash flame in your face. Stand back and open the lid slowly.
  9. Store propane cylinders outdoors in an upright position. If you smell gas, turn off the grill immediately.
  10. Handle hot grills, coals, and hot liquids with respect. Be alert. No horseplay near cookers.
  11. Keep children and pets away from grills and smokers, uncooked meat, hot liquids, and sharp objects. Use potholders and/or insulated gloves. Insulated gloves are best.
  12. Do not discard ash until the coals are thoroughly dead. Let them sit overnight or dump water on them before you put them in your trash can.
  13. Bare feet, sandals, flip-flops, and loose clothes are dangerous around grills.
  14. Don’t put small grills on flammable surfaces or glass tables.
  15. Before you use a new grill or smoker, fire it up on high and let it run for about 30 minutes to burn off any oil or grease or packing materials from the manufacturing process or from shipping. Save the grill manual and remember where you put it.
  16. If you have long hair, tie it in a pony tail. And grilling is yet another great excuse to not wear a tie.
  17. If you pour water over hot coals, it will produce enough steam to melt your nose, and enough hot water will come out of the bottom to melt your toes.
  18. Heat the grates to high before cooking and carbonized grease and scraps from your last cook. Then scrub them off. If you use a wire brush, beware that bristles can come out and people have died from wire bristles that lodge in their digestive system.
  19. Before the food goes on, use a damp cloth and tongs to wipe off the grates and visually inspect them.
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Happy Father’s Day | We Appreciate You!

Just a shout out to all of you Dad’s out there.

There are a few dads on our team and as a group we get very little appreciation… Things like, “Thanks for keeping the lights on Dad!” and “This air conditioning feels amazing… Thanks Dad!”

Just a little tongue-and-cheek humor to kick of this special day…

Make it a GREAT ONE!

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